Annual Congress of European Economic Association took place in Cologne

From August 27 to August 31 Cologne welcomed Annual Congress of European Economic Association. The scientific program included 14 invited sessions and 6 plenary lectures



One of the biggest economic conferences ended in Cologne on 31 of August. It brought together the 33rd Annual Congress of European Economic Association and 71st meeting of Econometric Society.

Professor and Rector of the New Economic School Ruben Enikolopov shared the results of the research on the social networks and xenophobia conducted jointly with Professor Maria Petrova.

During his speech Ruben Enikolopov noted that “the spread of social networks leads to the increase of xenophobia and the number of crimes motivated by hatred, but only in those places where the original level of nationalism was high”.

This year the conference took place on campus of the University of Cologne and gathered scientists from all over the world. The aim of the Congress is to establish and strengthen connections between economists from different countries, to discuss international economic agenda and exchange experience.


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