Olga Kuzmina’s paper received an award at the Essex Finance Centre (EFiC) Conference in Banking and Corporate Finance

NES Professor Olga Kuzmina received a runner-up paper award from Essex Finance Centre for her paper "Gender Diversity in Corporate Boards: Evidence from Quota-Implied Discontinuities" co-authored with Valentina Melentyeva, NES and HSE Bachelor of Arts in Economics Program graduate (BAE’2018), Assistant Professor at Tilburg University (starting in September 2024). 

In their study, the authors analyze the impact of quota-induced female representation on European corporate boards, and find out that increasing the proportion of women in corporate governance has a positive effect on market value and other company indicators.

Olga Kuzmina was also a discussant of the paper "Bond Ratings and Volatility: Early Evidence from the Introduction of Credit Ratings" presented by Mascia Bedendo, co-authored with Lara Cathcart and Lino El-Jahel.

The EFiC 2024 Conference in Banking and Corporate Finance took place on July 4-5 at the University of Essex in Colchester (UK). The objective of the Conference is to bring together leading academics, practitioners and policymakers in order to explore the theme of global trends in financial markets.

Program of the event

Mon, 8 July 2024
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