NES graduate Oleg Itskhoki to become a tenured professor at Harvard University

Congratulations to Oleg Itskhoki, NES graduate and member of the School's International Advisory Board (MAE '2004), on obtaining a position of tenured professor of Economics at Harvard University! After completing his master's degree at NES, Oleg received his PhD in Economics from Harvard. (Over the years, more than 30 NES alumni have been accepted to Harvard University).

Oleg Itskhoki is one of the leading international experts on Macroeconomics, Global Labor Market issues, Inequality and Finance. In 2022, Oleg became the John Bates Clark Medalist: the reward is considered the second most important in Economics after the Nobel Prize. This award of the American Economic Association (AEA) is given to economists under 40 years of age working in American universities for significant achievements in Economics. 

From Oleg Itskhoki's interview with NES Alumni Magazine'2023: “I owe a lot to NES and would like to help the School as much as possible. Being a member of the International Advisory Board is an honorable way for me to become a supporter of the School. <...> NES is a brand that has been around since before I was a student at the School 20 years ago." 

NES is proud of its alumnus and his professional achievements, and we wish Oleg further academic success!

Mon, 10 June 2024
Oleg Itskhoki, Alumni
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