Segah Meer 's company Caura & Co raised seed round

A group of private investors in Silicon Valley invested in a Segah Meer (MAE’2012) technology company Caura & Co

In 2016 NES alumnus Segah Meer (MAE’2012) founded a technology company Caura & Co that automates temporary staffing and consulting services. The typical use is when а project manager needs a 3-month Amazon AWS contractor. He just needs to click chat on Caura's native app, and describe the project. No interviews. No searching. The consultant expert is automatically matched, virtually with a click of a button.

Caura & Co is part of an ever-expanding gig economy trend to disrupt how technology companies employ staff. Companies such as Accenture and BCG increasingly rely on external technical contractors. But a number of tech companies currently are betting that such services can be rendered directly, without the overhead of large firms.

Now the company aims to use its latest seed round to introduce natural language AI into its engagement process and further expand its ability to accommodate a larger number of clients using technology at the core of all communication.

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