Shlomo Weber joined NES Promotion and Tenure Committee

The Committee works on the promotion of the School's professors

NES President and Professor, Academic Head of the NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions Shlomo Weber joined NES Promotion and Tenure Committee from January 1. 

The renewed list of the Committee: 

  • Stanislav Anatoyev (Chairman of the Committee, NES Professor);
  • Shlomo Weber (NES President and Professor, CSDSI Academic Head);
  • Barry Ickes (Professor of Pennsylvania State University);
  • Oleg Itskhoki (МАЕ’2004, Professor of Princeton University);
  • Grigory Kosenok (MAE’1995, NES Professor);
  • Andrei Markevich (NES Professor);
  • Ilya Strebulaev (MAE’1999, Professor of Stanford University).

The Committee works on the issues of promotion of NES professors to higher positions (e.g. from docent to associate professor), as well as assigning tenured positions, according to research success, excellence in teaching and administrative work.   

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