Olga Kuzmina Becomes a Research Fellow at CEPR

The Appointments Committee of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) reached the decision to promote NES professor Olga Kuzmina to a Research Fellow position. The appointment is for a period of four years, until 2027, renewable without limit. Promotion to Research Fellow is something akin to ‘tenure’ at CEPR and future renewals will be based only on CEPR activity, the Appointments Committee notes.

The Committee also reached the exciting decision to promote Olga Kuzmina to a Research Fellow within both the International Trade and Regional Economics programme and Banking and Corporate Finance programme.

The Centre for Economic Policy Research is an independent research and policy-making organization, founded in 1983. Today, CEPR’s network of Research Fellows and Affiliates includes over 1,700 of the top economists conducting research on issues affecting the European economy. 

CEPR members are also NES professors Mikhail Drugov (Research Fellow, Organizational Economics), Ruben Enikolopov (Research Fellow, Development Economics and Political Economy), Andrey Markevich (Research Fellow, Economic History), Maria Petrova (Research Fellow, Political Economy), Marta Troya-Martinez (Research Affiliate, Organizational Economics  and Political Economy), Shlomo Weber (Research Fellow, Public Economics).

Mon, 15 January 2024
Olga Kuzmina, CEPR
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