NES Professors Marta Troya Martinez and Sultan Mehmood Took Part in the 9th Workshop on Relational Contracts

The 9th Annual Workshop on Relational Contracts Conference was hosted by the Becker-Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago, on September 8th and 9th, 2023. The Workshop combined theoretical, empirical, and real-world perspectives from several disciplines. In addition to papers from economists, were featured comments from lawyers working on relational contracts and contractual governance.

NES Professor Marta Troya Martinez co-organized the Workshop and moderated the session “Theory of the Firm”, where Brian Silverman (Toronto) was the main speaker. NES Professor Sultan Mehmood gave a talk about the contract enforcement in a stateless economy. Experts from University of Chicago, MIT, Stanford University, Northwestern University, University of Hong Kong, Peking University and several others leading universities also spoke at the Workshop.


The Workshop on Relational Contracts has been held annually since 2015. One objective of Workshop is to identify interesting yet underappreciated real-world features of relational contracts that will enrich scholars’ understanding of this phenomenon and provide novel insights for theoretical modeling. A second objective is to encourage scholars of relational contracts in different areas and disciplines to collaborate.

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