NES Professor Sultan Mehmood made a presentation at Development Economics Lunch Seminar in the Northwestern University

The seminar took place on September 21 at the campus of Northwestern University in Illinois. Sultan Mehmood made a presentation of his research “Reform Multiplier” to Post Docs/Docs and Graduate Students.

This paper provides evidence that a judge selection reform in Pakistan, which shifted the appointment power of judges from the President to a committee of judges had a multiplier effect on pro-government rulings in the decade following its implementation.

On September 19 Professor Mehmood gave a presentation “Reform Multiplier” at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. 

Last week, Sultan Mehmood's article “A judicial manifesto” was published in Pakistan's most widely read newspaper, The Express Tribune. The author speaks about the fundamental rights, equality before the law, and the emergence of democratic and judicial order in Pakistan.

Fri, 22 September 2023
Sultan Mehmood, professors, science
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