GURU 2023: five materials to read 

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to express gratitude to all our readers. Thank you for your interest in NES science-popular projects. We have a selection of GURU 2023 content to share with you. 


How GURU and NES Gave ChatGPT an Exam

Will Artificial Intelligence replace economists? Looks like that not now. GURU editors and NES Professor Olga Kuzmina decided to test ChatGPT's knowledge of economics. The popular chatbot ChatGPT failed an exam at NES. 


How Can Academia and Industry Benefit Each Other?

In a crisis, fundamental education becomes a protective asset, because it provides knowledge and tools that expand choice and help to withstand uncertainty. NES alumni, professors and experts are discussing the issues. 


How to Avoid Eye Tricks in Statistics?

We often find surprising coincidences in statistics, for example, the correlation between the US budget expenditure on science and the number of people committing suicide by hanging themselves, or between movies with Nicolas Cage and the number of people that drown in pools. There is nothing mystical in this. Assistant Professor of Economics at the Duke University and NES graduate Anna Bykhovskaya explained in a new episode of the "Economics out Loud" podcast where these senseless correlations come from and how to avoid them. 


How Data Deceives Us, and Theories Let Us down

The confidence revolution has dramatically improved the quality of economic and political decisions. Hypotheses and theories can now be supported or refuted by data. In a column for GURU, NES Professor Gerhard Toews talks about the data-related opportunities that have recently opened up – and that are not always made use of. 


Can Investors Ride the Market Waves?

What myths do markets generate and what mistakes do investors make under their influence? Dmitry Muravyev, Associate Professor of FInance at Michigan State University and NES graduate, discussed these questions in an episode of the "Economics out Loud" podcast. Just before it was recorded, the continuous rally at the US stock market was interrupted: August proved its reputation of being one of the worst months of the year, and the market turned bearish. Is it possible to predict a decline after such growth? And is it worth trying to seize the moment and try to enter and exit the market on time? GURU shares a summary of the podcast episode.


See you in 2024. Happy holidays! 

Sat, 30 December 2023
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