Professor Daria Dzyabura received tenured position at NES

NES Rector made the decision following the recommendations from the Promotion and Tenure Committee and the International Advisers Committee

In April 2019 NES Rector Ruben Enikolopov approved the promotion of NES Professor Daria Dzyabura: she now has a tenured position at the New Economic School. 

Professor Dzyabura got her PhD in Management Science in 2012 at MIT. Her research interests include machine learning, omnichannel retail, consumer preference modeling and elicitation, consumer search. Her articles are published in the leading marketing journals such as Marketing Science, Management Science and Journal of Marketing Research.

Daria Dzyabura joined the NES team in September 2018. In October 2018 she received the MSI Young Scholars 2019 prize. The prize is awarded once in two years to marketing scholars who are believed to be the leaders of the next generation of marketing academics 

We once again congratulate Professor Dzyabura and wish her continuing academic success! 


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