NES Professor Andrei Markevich and Professor of the Penn State University Barry Ickes held a conference on the economic history of Russia

The conference took place in Penn State University

From 16 to 18 of May NES Professor, Co-Director of the Joint Bachelor of Arts Programme of NES and HSE Andrei Markevich and Professor of Penn State University, member of the NES Board of Directors and the NES International Advisory Committee, President of the "American Friends of NES" corporation Barry Ickes held a Russian Economic History Conference. 

During the Conference, scientists and professors have discussed various events in the history of Russia from the economic point of view: from the political economy of the liberation of peasants to long-term consequences of the Stalinist famine.

The program of the Conference with the links to all the scientific studies presented, can be found here.


Wed, 22 May 2019
Andrei Markevich, Barry Ickes
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